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Being a creative professional is like being a parent. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or work for a firm, every project is your baby. Referrals, reputation, resources, repeat. Creating in business is a 24 hour gig. Some of us are tasked with not only parenting our project, but also parenting REAL KIDS! Make that TWO 24 hour gigs. Play dates to due dates. Juice boxes to out-of-the-box strategies. It seems, at times, impossible to balance it all. Thankfully, you are not alone. This new campaign will offer support, an innovative event series, resources and discounts for creative professionals who also happen to be parents (or vice versa). For launch info, or to get involved, please contact us here.

Loss of any kind can be profound. Imagine not only experiencing a profound loss but feeling the need to suppress it. Unfortunately, this is reality for large numbers of people who are suffering through infant loss in silence. Although as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies may result in some type of infant loss, those who experience this still face stigma or feel extremely awkward when speaking about their loss. Our campaign will not only bring awareness to a needed cause BUT also 1) encourage those living through this trying occurrence to speak in order to heal 2) equip those close to them to support in a healthy way 3) create a supportive community in order to battle feelings of isolation that come with infant loss 4) offer HOPE and foster joy.