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Use These Four Steps for Branding Victory

Keep These Four “Vs” In Mind When Building (or Boosting) an Effective Brand


The Visuals of your brand include everything from the images you choose to use on your website, social media profiles and marketing materials; to the color scheme you adopt, and the packaging of your physical products (if you have them). These ALL help customers, clients and your community recognize your brand easily and begin to feel familiar with you and your brand. When you think of some of the largest or most iconic brands around . . . colors, shapes, logos, text or other visual elements likely come to mind first.


How does your brand speak? Do you have a quick, witty way of communicating or a careful, more moderate pace? Use any tag lines or clever puns? Is your brand a singular voice or a plural voice? If you’re not sure, chances are you’ve not given this step as much thought as you could have. 🤔 Taking the time to decide on your brand’s voice and tone will make all of your communicating easier, more consistent and more effective.


The Values your brand conveys can be as simple as performing a service quickly (shows you respect your customers time) or as intricate as serving young, inner-city youth between the ages of 5 and 11 (shows you acknowledge the important developmental period of young people facing specific socio-economic challenges). Whatever sets you apart is likely tied to your values. Think about who you help, how and why to get more clarity around the values your brand stands for.


Think of your brand’s Vow as an intentional extension of your values. For example, if you value your customer or client’s safety your vow may be to never compromise their personal data. For food or cleaning product brands, some vows center around what types of harmful additives are purposefully left out. Note that not every brand will require a vow BUT if you can develop a vow (or a few) that make sense for your brand you increase your chances of developing loyal, appreciative followers who will seek you out above your competition.

Carefully consider these four opportunities to define your brand in order to increase authenticity nd effectiveness.

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