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Our philosophy is that diversity and creativity work best together.

We try to infuse this idea into all of our events, messages and campaigns. Though simple, the application of this idea can have profound impact on everything from how your brand is perceived to how well it functions.

Slightly diversifying your messages, for example, can help exponentially grow your potential audience. Creativity allows you to drive home the same information without being boring. Used together, the possibilities for winning combinations are endless.

Leading publications, such as the Harvard Business Review share findings about these subjects often. One such article outlines the difference between "Inherent diversity" and "Acquired diversity". It explains that Inherent diversity refers to traits you are born with including gender and ethnicity. Acquired diversity denotes traits you gain from experience; like having lived in another country. Involving as many types of diverse views and inputs into our projects is a core foundation at SEIZE Worthy.

Making diversity a part of your brand's strategy does not have to be difficult. Here are three ways you can start letting the world know that variety is the spice of your life.

1. Diversify Your Images

Quality images are a big part of any brand. When blogging, creating ads or promotions, and sharing on social media, being purposed about the images you share can go a long way. Take an inventory. How often do the images you use include both men and women? Prominently feature minorities? Are those with disabilities represented anywhere within your online presence? Helping more people to see themselves reflected in your brand can increase your customer base or boost support for your cause. Thankfully, there are an increasing number of resources to help you be successful in this endeavour. In the past, finding stock images that represented a mixed bag of looks took hours of searching. Color Stock offers a catalog of multicultural, contemporary images. And CreateHER Stock is a magical secret weapon for black women content creators. Whether you take advantage of resources like these, or use your own original images be intentional about what people see visually in your brand.

2. Pick Proud Partners

Seek out  partners who are different from you in some way. This can be important positioning strategy for a number of reasons. For one, working only with those similar to you may mean you are competing for the same audience or customers. It can crowd your messaging and make your moves too easily anticipated. Switch it up and see your reach broadened. For example, partnering with a company who targets the same gender but a different target ethnicity than you for an event means you will both be introduced to a new audience - while showing your core clients that you support collaboration. Win, win.

3. Give Outside Your Box

Giving is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Most of us have our go-to causes and charities that we support. That is an essential practice that should be a part of your overall blueprint. Try adding some more non-traditional giving outlets to your rotation. Donate some time to an arts organization that highlights some culture you are unfamiliar with. Look for fundraising events that support causes other than those that impact you directly and tend to get your attention. Remember to engage while you are giving. There are valuable and lasting connections to be made.

NOTE: If you are actively seeking to expand the diversity within your brand, remember that authenticity is key. Be willing to learn and connect before you seek to benefit or you may come across as offensive or ungenuine. When in doubt, ask and research. Never assume. 

If being more visibly diverse sounds important to you, contact us today about collaborating.
We'd love to customize a plan to help your brand in this particular effort.


3 Ways To Embrace Diversity Within Your Brand


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